I had an appointment with my dentist today. As such, I had to head way west down Robson, almost to Stanley Park. I decided to take a bus there and patiently waited along Seymour near Hastings.

While waiting, I looked across the street. There was what appeared to be a small storefront in one of the buildings. It was no more than perhaps 10 feet wide. There was a window there and it was high enough off the street level that it made me think it was some sorta take-out window for food. Then it got interesting.

Staffing the window was this young lady. Even from across the street, I could tell she was um, quite gifted in the chestral region of her body. It also helped she was wearing a tight-fitting white top that plunged down at an extreme angle, enough so that even the Grand Canyon would have been proud.

As she flittered about the window, I could see three guys lined up for food. It wasn’t even noon yet. As great as the spectacle was, I began to be intrigued at exactly what type of food this place served. I couldn’t tell as there were no large signs above the window. There were things posted near the window but I couldn’t read them from that far away.

Then my bus came and I had to be off. I’m still wondering what they serve. Maybe I’ll go find out tomorrow.

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