I had an appointment with my dentist today. As such, I had to head way west down Robson, almost to Stanley Park. I decided to take a bus there and patiently waited along Seymour near Hastings.

While waiting, I looked across the street. There was what appeared to be a small storefront in one of the buildings. It was no more than perhaps 10 feet wide. There was a window there and it was high enough off the street level that it made me think it was some sorta take-out window for food. Then it got interesting.

Staffing the window was this young lady. Even from across the street, I could tell she was um, quite gifted in the chestral region of her body. It also helped she was wearing a tight-fitting white top that plunged down at an extreme angle, enough so that even the Grand Canyon would have been proud.

As she flittered about the window, I could see three guys lined up for food. It wasn’t even noon yet. As great as the spectacle was, I began to be intrigued at exactly what type of food this place served. I couldn’t tell as there were no large signs above the window. There were things posted near the window but I couldn’t read them from that far away.

Then my bus came and I had to be off. I’m still wondering what they serve. Maybe I’ll go find out tomorrow.


On Sunday, I saw fireworks for the first time in about two years. With the return of Canada Day fireworks to Canada Place, I decided to make use of EA’s patio on the 19th floor which overlooks the water.

Because I’m a sucker for work, I arrived at 7pm to get a few hours of work in first. By the time I got to the studio, there were lots of people in the area around Canada Place. By the time 10pm rolled around, there was a large crowd waiting for the festivities to kick off. It was then that I headed up to the patio. It was apparent I was not the only one with the same idea. Half an hour before the show started there already other EA employees and many of their friends and family lining the rail facing the water. I claimed my spot and patiently waited for the half hour to pass. They were mainly Need for Speed people and save for one other dude, no one else from skate. was there.

Finally, the moment arrived and we were treated to an excellent display of pyrotechnics. I had a great view of the whole thing and I didn’t have to jostle with an unruly crowd. That’s how fireworks should be!


With the Canada Day holiday, I am taking a much deserved day off. Our regular posts will return late Monday night where I’ll probably mention what I had for lunch or link to a story about flies emerging from some part of the human body.