Last evening, a coworker and I were on the patio on a break, enjoying the view of North Vancouver. One of the security dudes joined us before his shift started. As he lit up a smoke, he told us a few days ago, they found one of Need For Speed guys sleeping in the 19th floor lounge. They told him he wasn’t supposed to be working that hard and sent him home for a full day of rest.

It’s true, no one should be working that hard. Granted, if the game has to go out the door on Monday and you find a crash bug on Sunday night, that might call for last second heroics. Keep in mind though, that happens maybe once or twice a project. NFS isn’t even supposed to be shipping soon, so was there really a need to sleeping at the studio? Maybe there were some details I wasn’t privy too.

Even though I put in crazy hours, I always go home at night to my own bed. I never think about staying the whole night to work nor do I think it’s even a remotely good idea to sleep on a couch somewhere. Plus, where exactly would I sleep actually? The one couch that I can think of is right in front of the security desk. Look at the pictures of the studio, there’s nothing that even resembles a bed!

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