I took a sleeping pill about half an hour ago to help me fall asleep faster so I can get more rest for the beginning of the work week. Unfortunately, I feel hella sleepy right now and I haven’t written my post for Monday yet. With my current mental state, there’s no way I can write anything coherent down. In fact, all I feel like typing is sgfsgfdg fgfd fdgf Jabba sgdgfdg gdfg.

So instead of one post focused on one thing, why don’t I just write what comes to mind?

– I saw Live Free or Die Hard today. Did you know it’s the first Die Hard to be rated PG-13? I wanna watch the DVD with the scenes that would have made it an R-rated flick. Overall, I really liked it. It was lots of gunplay and explosions. Kevin Smith was awesome as Warlock, the Star Wars loving hacker.

– I feel sorry for the boyfriend of the princess I had to stand in line next to at Taco Bell tonight. Oh yeah, she may have tanned legs up to Mars but with that crap attitude it must feel like getting shot in the kneecap everytime she says something.

– Thanks to a coworker, I’m now playing GRAW 2 on the 360. It is indeed better than the first. I am currently using the M468 (without grenade launcher) but am waiting for the SCAR to be available. Did anyone need to know that?

– The new Harry Potter movie is very popular. When I left the theatre today, people were lined out the door just to purchase tickets.

– I have a ripped shirt that I sleep in that exposes of one my nipples. If the shirt is inside out, it’s my left nipple. I didn’t rip on purpose, it came to be that way some how.

– I really should go to bed right now.

– The last digit on my encryption token right now is 5.

– There is a kid that is so excited about skate, he cleaned a store on the graveyard shift for three nights in a row just so he could have the money to pre-buy it. This makes the OT seem a tiny bit more palatable.

– This is the last item on this list

One thought on “LOOPY!”

  1. Yeah, I don’t get why guys put up with princesses like you described, but they do. In droves. Nice gals finish last.

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