Everyone at the Vancouver studio got an e-mail about a month ago stating that we had to do take “sexual harassment” course. At the time, people didn’t know everyone else had gotten the e-mail, so lots of people were wondering who’s ass they shouldn’t have slapped.

It turns out the course is to be taken online. It’s done via a browser and you can choose to do it with video and audio or just text alone. With multimedia, it takes about two hours to do. Without it, it’s about 90 minutes. When you finish the course, you get sent a certificate.

Some people did the course right away, while others have not (like myself). I got sent a warning last week about it being my final notice for taking the course. It didn’t list any consequences if I didn’t take it. I probably should take it soon. The problem is, we’re so busy, two hours of work time is a lot to ask for.

Also, a popular refrain these days around the floor is, “Oh, I’m allowed to say things like that since I haven’t taken the course.” It makes a great way to end an inappropriate joke.

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