In speedy fashion, my manager approved my request for virtual private network (VPN) access. This means I can partially work from home now. Using Windows Remote Desktop, I can now access my work computer from my home computer.

As you might expect, the level of security around all of this is pretty high. EA uses the RSA SecurID system which I believe is fairly common for companies. A username and a password isn’t enough for me to connect to the EA network. I now carry around a small keyfob with an LCD display on it. It shows a six digit code that I have to enter in whenever I log in. This code changes every sixty seconds according to a specific algorithm. The servers at EA know this algorithm as well, so the numbers have to match up at both ends.

As a test, I connected tonight after coming home. I added a couple lines of code. It’s not exactly like being there because the connection lags a bit but it’s not bad. While I can write, edit, compile, and read code, there’s no way to really test the game. I can run it but since I can’t see my TV or move the controller, it does have its limit. Still having e-mail access and the ability to write code is still pretty nice. Yay! EA now gets productivity from me even when I’m home!

One thought on “HOME OFFICE”

  1. Its all part of their plan to become the all encompassing part of your life. Just wait until they implant a 160 GB Hard drive in your head. I saw a movie about that once and it didn’t turn out well for Keanu Reeves. His name was Johnny and he was a “Mnemonic” courier. I think the movie was called “The Guy with the Hard Drive in His Head”. You should check it out.

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