Tonight, I was able to setup my new 5.1 speaker system. I’ve owned two previous 5.1 systems before, the first coming in about 70W RMS and the last about 90W RMS. My new system outputs 100W RMS per channel for a total of 600W RMS. Yes, this is most powerful accoustical device I have ever owned.

It was very unfortunate it was kinda late by the time I set everything up. I really wanted to take her out for a test drive but I was limited to a very short sampling of a scene from The Island (a totally underrated movie if you ask me), a few minutes of Gears of War, and a couple climatic moments from Revenge of the Sith.

Oh, how sweet it was. I have forgotten how rich surround sound is. It was a feast for the ears. I want to replay every Xbox 360 game again. I want to rewatch every DVD I’ve bought in the last three years.

I cannot wait for the weekend. Yeah sure, I’ll probably be working but when I get home… oh, how the sounds of joy (and/or explosions and bullets) will fill stately Wayne Manor.

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