I woke up ten minutes late this morning. When I realized this, I had two options: rush my morning routine or just get in later. I chose not to rush. I also had the choice of getting the next bus which comes half an hour after my usual one. Or, I could just catch a bus to Lougheed Mall and take the Skytrain to work.

I’m getting real tired of taking my usual one bus to work. Even though I always get a seat, it’s usually still quite packed and I’m stuck in that one bus for at least 45 minutes. It always full of old people that make strange noises and they sometimes smell. It’s a really depressing bus.

On the other hand, taking the Skytrain is a refresing change. People get on and off the trains more often so you always get to see new people. There are a lot less old people on Skytrain too. The view is also much nicer along the tracks. The ventilation is also much better, a far cry from a stuffy bus.

By taking Skytrain, I was only ten minutes behind my usual schedule even though I left at least 15 minutes later than usual from my home.

And that’s my non-porn related commuting story of the day.

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