I was hesitant to post two YouTube videos in a row but this second one is quite amusing… well maybe for geeks. If you’re even the slightest sci-fi fan, then you know how great the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was. For the original cast, it was simply the best movie out of the six that were made. There is a well-known scene at the end where Kirk pays tribute to Spock, who died saving the Enterprise. The crew then sends Spock’s burial capsule towards a newly born planet. Actually, if you’re ever around Jeff Newmark, he does a killer impression of Kirk at the end. Get him to do it for ya.

Anyways, on last night’s Family Guy, they did an almost exact shot-by-shot homage to the scene. Stewie loses his beloved teddy bear Rupert in a garage sale. The homage is Stewie’s way of showing how much Rupert means to him.

The above video shows both versions of the scene.

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