I went shopping for baby clothes for the first time ever tonight. I didn’t have a lot of time to be creative, so it was straight to Baby Gap. If I say so myself, I’ve been blessed with a good and classic sartorial taste, so it was in this belief that finding clothes for a three month old baby would be both easy and fun.

Upon entering the store, I realized I was the only male in there. I was surrounded by female sales staff and mommies of varying ages. I was also amazed by the myriad of choices that newborns and toddlers have in clothing. There was so much to choose from!

A sales person must have sensed my wonderment because she asked me I needed help, at which point I confessed it was my first time shopping for baby clothes. She explained the sizing structure to me, which basically separated newborns, 6 to 12 months, and so on until you got to toddlers. Actually with the inclusion of Gap Kids to normal Gap, you could be clothed by Gap Inc. for the rest of your life.

I must have gone over every piece of newborn and 6 to 12 month clothing in the store. Everything seemed so cute and tiny. There was a jean jacket like mine, except it was tiny. There were a pair of jeans like mine except it was tiny. There was a dress like mine, except…

All of the clothing seemed cute but like all clothes, some choices are better than others. I knew this, but looking at it all, I couldn’t discern what looked better on the target baby. My worst fear was buying some items in a clueless manner and then having the Mom refuse to clothe her daughter in them.

I won’t say what I bought in the end, just in case the father reads this but I think they’ll like it. I’m especially proud of one item I got. I think it’ll look really sharp on her. She’ll have to grow into it but that’s ok.

And I learned something today.

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