If the story involves live things emerging from a person’s body, it’s probably going to wind up on this blog.

So out of Indiana comes this story of an elderly woman who was admitted to hospital from a care home. Doctors and nurses found sores on the woman’s body, which is not uncommon since many people who are bed-ridden get sores. The story didn’t end there though. Let me share with you some quotes from the story:

“The hospital’s emergency staff found festering sores on both of the woman’s legs and maggots emerging from wounds infected with treatment-resistant bacteria”

“He indicated he soaked her right foot in warm water for 45 minutes and bugs/cockroaches were crawling out of the house slipper. Upon removing the house slipper, he indicated the skin came off of the right foot and toes”

“When the nurse removed the woman’s pants, the material pulled the skin off the woman’s legs, from the knees to the ankles”

Shades of wang flies! Click here to read the full story.

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