Pro skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and his friend/bodyguard “Big Black” have a reality TV show on MTV. It is simply entitled Rob and Big. The show follows the duo around in their daily lives.

One episode involves Rob and Big travelling to Vancouver to do some mo-cap for the game I’m working on. They were in the studio a day before I started work downtown. I was finishing up my last day at boot camp in Burnaby.

Anyways, that episode debuted on MTV last week and it’s probably being re-run at various times. You can actually watch the whole episode on the MTV site but only if you’re located in the US. MTV Canada will show the episode in about two weeks.

In the above clip from YouTube, you can see Rob playing the game with a few of our producers. If you read the comments people have left about the clip, the major debate is whether or not that’s actual in-game footage that’s being seen. Some people think that it’s just a pre-rendered video and in no way represents what the game will look like. Others swear that’s actually the game running in real time.

I’m not going to comment about the whole debate since it’s really not my place to answer such questions. All I will say is that the game is looking great from my perspective. When the game finally comes out, I’ll be able to tell you definitively.

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