So they finally announced where the company holiday party is going to be. They don’t say Xmas party anyone because that ain’t PC. Anyways, it’s gonna be on the evening of December 1st at the Commodore Ballroom. It’s also going to be Egyptian themed.

I think the date is a bit early and I won’t even mention that we have a huge deadline to meet on that exact day. I’ve been around the video game block more than enough to say with some confidence, we’ll be working OT the entire week and by the time Friday rolls around, we’ll be working right up to, if not beyond party time.

The invitation stated that the dress is classy or “dress to impress”. I hate that phrase. I’m not really sure what I’m going to wear. I’m definitely not going to wear a suit, mainly because I don’t own one. Maybe it’s time for me to buy a new blazer. It being a video company though, I feel like there’s a good chance I won’t be the worst dressed guy there, which is all I’m hoping for.

I can bring a “guest” which I wasn’t planning on but I’m open to suggestions. I could bring a friend. If it’s a girl, I’d more than be happy to explain to all my co-workers about why it’s better to own than rent property in a certain zone. If it’s a guy, it would really get those gay rumours started at the office. Alternatively, I could hire a ridonkulously hot woman to be my “social escort” for the evening. People could then try to guess how much I paid her for the evening. Maybe like start an office pool and on the following Monday, we’d see who got the closest.

And with that, it’s time for bed.

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