On Saturday, I played ball hockey with the son of Doug Lidster. If you’re a fan of the Vancouver Canucks, you’ll recognize that name. Lidster played for the Canucks from the mid-80s to the early 90s. He was a solid and dependable defenseman. Lidster was deemed to be the 21st greatest Canuck in history, a notch above goalie Glen Hanlon and just below fellow defenseman Jyrki Lumme.

Though Lidster had a great career as a Canuck, what sticks out in my mind the most was that he played for the Rangers in 1994. That was the memorable year where Vancouver met New York in the Cup final. I wonder he felt at least a tiny bit sorry for Linden and the rest of team. Lidster would go on to win another Cup with Dallas before retiring.

Anyways, yeah, I played ball hockey with his son Ryan on Saturday. Actually, we played last week as well but I didn’t know who the hell he was that day. You can tell he’s played some hockey in his life though I have to be honest and say Carl and Ben are better all-around players. His positioning is top-notch though and he always knows where to be. He’s a friendly guy and from what little I’ve interacted with him, he seems like a good fit for the College. If appearances count for anything, both Mr. and Mrs. Lidster did a nice job of raising their son.

Maybe next week, I’ll go bowling against Thomas Gradin‘s son.

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