From just about the first minute that I accepted my job at EA during the summer, people started asking me what I’d be working on. Unfortunately, I had to give them that standard, video game industry answer of “I can’t tell you.” I understand the reasons behind keeping things secret but when you actually have to be all James Bond about it in front of your friends, you look silly.

Well, today EA finally announced in a press release the game I’m working on. It is simply called Skate or SKATE. I’ll leave it up to the marketing types. Anyways, it’s a new game. It’s not a yearly iteration of some sports title, nor is it a tie-in based on some movie or literary source. It’s all new ideas and it’ll be for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Oh, I guess I should say it’s a skateboarding game too. So, I expect some of you right now to be shaking your heads, thinking it’s gonna be a tough climb going against Tony Hawk. There’s no doubt that the Tony Hawk games are the titles to beat when it comes to skateboarding. No one has even come close to beating them so far.

Time will only tell what happens when our game is compared to theirs. I will say one thing though. There are a lot of super smart people working on my team. Each one of them geniuses in their own right. There are also a lot of very creative and passionate people working on the game. EA has assembled some serious talent for this project.

I’m looking forward to what we come up with in the next few months.

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