For thousands of students in the Lower Mainland, today marked the first day of school for the academic year. From the tiny ones in kindergarten to the first year noobs at UBC, lots of people were experiencing new things today.

I for one, expected traffic to be a lot more congested this morning. It turns out I was wrong. Yeah, there were a lot more cars on my street this morning but that’s because I live a block away from an elementary school. Other than that, it was a pretty good commute. My bus was actually less crowded than usual which was a most pleasant surprise. I got a nice comfy seat to myself. I hope this trend continues tomorrow.

On a bus related note, I managed to lose my bus pass for about five hours today. It somehow slipped out of my pocket at the place I was having lunch at. That almost caused me to be late going home but it’s a good thing the Cecil has a great lost and found department. Bada bing!

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