I had lunch my friend and former co-worker Ron on Thursday. He was nice enough to come down to studio to meet up with me. We headed out to the nearby Lions Pub for lunch. I’d been there once before and the service was fast and the Montreal smoked meat sandwich was fantastic. This time around though, neither the service was fast nor was the food great. Don’t get the clubhouse sandwich if you’re ever there.

I enjoy Ron’s company whenever we hang out. I credit him and some other people at Backbone for making last year’s long and cold winter just bearable enough for me to survive into the spring. We talked about a lot of things at lunch but the conversation eventually drifted towards “The Bet” which remains one of my favourite posts of all-time. It garnered a lot of comments and discussion which I always love to see with posts.

Anyways, Ron asked me how things were going on that front. I told him progress had ground to a halt. Oh sure, I had gotten Jennifer Love Hewitt’s phone number but she refused to go out on even one date with me. When Ron’s mocking laughter had subsided, we realized that we were approaching the ninth month mark since the inception of this wager. Almost a year had gone by. Feeling sympathy for me, Ron announced he would waive one of the stipulations in the legal wording.

Previously, Ron had forbade me to use the Interent to pursue the fulfillment of “The Bet”. That meant that I could not use dating sites, chat room, forums, or Craigslist postings. From his point of view though, the removal of such a restriction was going to affect the bet as much as a drop of water fills a bucket.

I’d like to think the task got easier but I can certainly see his point. Well, in any case, Lavalife here I come! 🙂

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