I got paid on Friday for the first time at my new job. Three weeks or so of pay on my first cheque. It was an actual cheque too. Despite bringing a voided cheque to orientation on my first day of work, EA decided cut me a cheque. Weird. The HR assistant was puzzled too and told me to bring another voided cheque so this doesn’t happen again.

So now I’m thinking of what to do with my first paycheque. The responsible things to do would probably be save it or invest it. I could put it into my ING Direct account, you know like those commercials ask you to. Or I could invest it in a number of different ways. There are RRSPs, mutual funds, and some other funds that my financial advisor keeps telling me about.

While those are responsible things, they seem rather boring as well. On the fun side, I’m thinking of buying a Palm T|X. I’ve owned only one other PDA in my life and I barely used it. It was more of a novelty than anything else. Despite being a tool to “organize” my life, I still kept everyone’s phone numbers on scraps of paper. The T|X will be different though. I know I won’t use it to store phone numbers or addresses. It can display photos, play videos, play music, and connect to the Internet. It will make my somewhat short bus ride seem even shorter. Plus, it will be my first foray into the world of wifi.

I’m also thinking of buying an Xbox 360 but I don’t think I’m very serious about that. I don’t even have a decent TV to hook it up to, so that’s gonna cost a lot more.

Ok, so now I’m gonna go play Lego Star Wars.

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