To say that Japanese television is entertaining is kinda like saying I like fried chicken. Both are understatements. There is a Japanese television show called, Trivia no Izumi, which if I had to reach for a clumsy North American comparison, would sorta be like Mythbusters.

The show answers “what if” type of questions. These questions might be things you have thought about but never had the resources to figure out on your own. In the video above, is one such question being answered on the show.

The clip purports to answer this simple question: what happens if you drive a vehicle in a straight line at 100 km/h and then fire a ball in the exact opposite direction at 100 km/h? I bet you’re itching to find out.

If you like this video, there are more on YouTube. For example, this video answers the question: how big does a fish need to be before cats can’t carry it away to eat it? I know it sounds stupid but I was fascinated!

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