Over the weekend I played hockey at SJC for the first time in many months. After we were done, Tyson was nice enough to let me shower in his bathroom. He had to go pick up Tom at the airport so he showered first. Adam also needed to cleanse but I jumped into the shower before he could wedge his naked body in there.

After I was done, he went into the bathroom but quickly came back out. He made mention of the slight evidence of talcum powder on the floor. I admitted that yes, that was my baby powder and it’s part of my shower routine.

As I explained to Adam the rationale behind using talc after a shower, he seemed intrigued. As a service to all the other guys out there, I thought I’d share this tidbit. Applying baby powder is an excellent way to keep your body dry and fresh-smelling well after you’ve left the shower. Residual water left behind after towelling off can sometimes linger on the body. Especially during the summer, this can be quite uncomfortable. The use of talc will dry up the remaining bit of moisture. It can also combat any new moisture that can arise due to sweating.

Baby powder will additionally leave your skin feeling smooth to the touch. For an added bonus, the lavender scented talcs can truly enhance your fragrance profile.

I usually use a small amount underneath each arm and underneath “the boys”. During the summer, talcing the boys can mean the difference have a great, trouble-free day or a day of shattered confidence.

If you’re adventurous, you can also try a bit of baby powder in or around the area of your backside. Try covering all areas that you think might need some help.

And that’s your daily lifestyle helper!

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