I finally got a phone for my desk at work. Ya see, I’ve been at my new spot at the office since the end of May when I was moved over to be closer with my new team members. The day before I moved, they gave me a phone at my old sweet cubicle. I didn’t even have a chance to use it once.

I was miffed at first but then reality set in. No one knows my work number. No one calls me at work anyways. I still have my cell phone with me during the day. When I thought about those things, I wasn’t really missing my phone any more.

Yesterday, I got a new phone for my desk. Since our company is expanding faster than my waistline, they’ve had to get new spaces wired up for phones, data, and power. I was the beneficiary of such work since they made a new phone jack by my desk where none existed before.

I set up my voicemail but no one has called me yet. I don’t forsee my co-workers calling me either. It takes less than a minute to walk to anywhere in our building, so the phoning is just lazy. Plus, I don’t think anyone even knows where the phone directory is stored on the network. Also, with MSN, it’s probably easier and better to use IM to communicate.

Ok, on that note, here’s a list of superheroes and their (assumed) religious affiliations.

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