If the free t-shirts weren’t enough, I decided to give away free e-mail accounts using my domain. Oddly enough, I’ve actually received requests in the past for accounts on my server. For some reason, people wanted to be or Well, now that can finally come true.

I have 500 e-mail accounts available to give away. There’s no chance I’ll use all of those for myself, so anyone can get a free account if you want one. Each account has a tiny 10 Mb allocation for space, so don’t expect this to be a Gmail or Hotmail type account, please keep this in mind. Nonetheless, each account features a powerful but adjustable spam filter, address book, calendar, message filtering, delayed delivery abilities, and option to check your mail using your favourite mail application.

For the most part, you can use any web browser to check your account from any where in the world. Click here for a screenshot of the interface.

If you’re serious about using the account, even if it’s only to use for contest entering or newsletters for example, e-mail me your desired username and we can get started. To be clear, here are some details you should know about. I’ll give you a default password to begin with. You can change that to anything you want so you can get some privacy. Keep in mind, I have no ability to see how much you use your account, so if you feel like you’re not using it, please tell me so I can delete your account. I won’t delete your account without warning. I can’t see myself deleting accounts willy-nilly unless I have a good reason to.

So, who wants to join the team?!?!?!

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