I admit I am not a fan of participating in extreme sports. While others might find it exciting to do skydiving, whitewater rafting, base jumping, and so forth, those activities aren’t in line with my interests. Yes, that might label me as boring but I’m too old to start fooling myself into something I’m not.

There is one activity I would love to try, though I’m not certain it’s offered any where to the public. I’d like to learn how to fast rope out of a helicopter. I’m not sure what the appeal is of sliding down a rope with no harness from a hoving helicopter but it probably has to do with several dozen TV shows and movies I watched over the years. I’m also a big fan of helicopters and have never even been close to a working one (though there was that one time a chopper landed outside my window). So yeah, combine the helicopter and the jumping out of it and you got yourself a fun time.

It could be a like a weekend course. They teach you the basics and then you get to fast rope out in different scenarios. First, like a simple field to start you off slow. Then we ramp it up a bit and try fast roping onto the top of an office building. For the finale at the end of the weekend, they let the class descend onto a tanker ship out in the harbour. Because everyone pays a hefty fee for the weekend, there’s a BBQ on the beach, where we strap all the BBQ fixings onto our back and fast rope onto the sand.

If this was even remotely possible, I’d go do it… short of signing up for the military.

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