It wasn’t until I started working as a software engineer that I realized video game companies have wrap parties, much like movie productions. I worked on four different games as a tester and they didn’t even tell us about a party that we weren’t invited to.

Now that I’m in a role that offers a bit more respect, I’m finally invited to these damn things. On Sunday night, the producer for our game arranged for a little shindig at Mark’s Fiasco. A lot of people are going on vacation starting on Monday (myself included) so sooner was better than later for this.

Quite a few people quit the company during the course of the project and some of them were kind enough to attend the party. It was good seeing them and it reminded me how much more fun I had when they were around.

One of the former team members attending was Ron, he of the infamous “The Bet“. Oh, there were some fun times when the “The Bet” was brought up again. Ron seems to be a lightning rod for these types of discussions and I’m pretty sure my sister thinks he’s a bad influence on me. The discussion also elicited the most odd/funniest comment of the night:

“Hi, I’d like you to meet Wang, my boyfriend.”

In general, many drinks and much food was consumed. They make a kick ass fish and chips there. A single piece of fish there is about the size of your forearm. I didn’t order that but mooched off other people that did.

As can be expected for a video game related party, the males outnumbered the females by a fair number. It was, however, nice to get the whole crew out of the office and into a bar for a change.

As a final note, on my way to the place, I saw Pierce Brosnan downtown doing an on location shoot. Though I’m at least 85% straight (a web site quiz told me so), I have no shame in admitting Brosnan is pretty good looking dude.

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