Every morning when I leave for work, I pass by the living room window of the place next door. The blinds are usually down except for a one foot gap. Through this gap, without fail, I alway see the neighbour’s cat on top of the sofa.

It’s always resting on the sofa. Sometimes, it’s wide awake, resting its head on its paws. Other days, it’s half asleep with its eyes half closed. One time it was completely asleep with its legs splayed in a fashion that only occurs when you’re the deepest of sleeps.

As I stumble past the window on a daily basis, I am envious of the cat. It can spend the morning lounging on that damn sofa while people fight their way into the city. That’s one lucky cat.

When I arrive home, sometimes nearly 12 hours later, the cat usually is in the exact same spot to greet me. I sometimes wonder what adventures or naps it’s had while I was at work.

I want my life to be like that cat’s one day.

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