In a previous post, I wrote about the “I Saw You” ads in the Georgia Straight. I read them once in a while for cheap entertainment. There was an ad that I read today that stood out from the rest:

Room Next Door

When: last Saturday morning. Where: coming out of my roommates room (he won’t tell me your name). You: Blond, very cute, slightly disheveled looking, wearing pink panties and a white tank-top. Asked where the bathroom is. Me: army pants and a black t-shirt, making coffee. Wish I’d offered you some. Not too late I hope…

Ok, let me get this straight… this dude gets up in the morning and starts to make coffee. This girl comes out of his roommate’s room in the morning. She’s clearly some hookup that happened the night before. The dude later asks his roommate what her name is and he refuses to give it to him. From the sounds of it, the roommate is done with this girl now so army pants wants in on the action?

WTF? Am I the only one thinking army pants has some serious issues about the women he’s choosing to go after? I want to e-mail this guy just so he can give me an update. Hell, let’s all e-mail him.

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