Last week, I was at Wal-I mean a large, local discount retailer when I saw a 2L bottle of Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. For a dude who has loved Coke for most of his life, I got quite excited about this. Though I dispute the fact, my sister who was with me, insists I even yelled out in the store.

BCV Coke was introduced in the US in January of this year. This is the first time I’ve seen it on store shelves up here in Canada. I enjoyed the vanilla and cherry versions of Coke separately, so I was anticipated this would be right up my alley.

Because I brought it home on a weekday and since it was a caffeinated beverage, I was only able to sample at most, two fingers worth of this new beverage. Upon sipping, I discovered the cherry flavour hits your first and the vanilla follows up behind. Neither, strangely, lingers on for an aftertaste. It’s a clean tasting cola which almost begs you to chase after another shot of its flavour.

As good as it was, caffeine-free Coke remains the best cola in my books. You cannot beat a cola that allows for consumption even at 11pm on a weeknight.

Well, enough about sugary children’s drinks. How about a tale of stray cats and public urination? Yes, you say? Where, you say? Head on over to Tyson’s blog, where a new post awaits!

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