Since we moved offices, it’s been an interesting adventure trying to find affordable and good places to have lunch. Earlier in the week, one co-worker mentioned some place he happened upon. It was this sushi restaurant that served cheap breakfast all day.

It was just crazy enough for Tim, Dave, and I to go looking for this place today. The name of the restaurant is Yummy Sushi and it’s located on the corner of Pine and W. 3rd. When we got there, it was clear that it was a no-frills type of operation. There was enough space for maybe 10-12 people in there. The decor was minimal and it really reminded me of a small-town diner.

Despite the name of the place, we were there for breakfast. For $2.80, you had a choice between five pieces of bacon, five sausage links, or a slice of ham, plus hashbrowns, two eggs (any style), and two pieces of toast. Let me repeat that price again. $2.80!!!one!!!111!!

I went for the sausage links, Tim got the bacon, and Dave got the ham. After we ordered we were all very nervous about the quality our meals. When our food arrived it turned out that our fears were unfounded. All our eggs were pretty good, the toast was great, and I enjoyed my hashbrowns. The bacon was real tasty and the sausage was good, in fact I thought five links was too much. The only minor comment Dave had to make was that his ham might have been Spam-infused. Otherwise, it was all very decent for $2.80.

Everyone also ordered a bottle of juice, so the total for each person came out to $4.60. I can’t remember the last time $4.60 bought that much food at a restaurant. Last but not least, when we got the bill, we even got mints. $2.80 breakfast!

We left a $20 for all our meals, tipping nearly the same amount as the breakfast. It’s not a place I’d go everyday but certainly an awesome deal when the fancy strikes.

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