I’m usually wary of movie promotions done over the Internet. More often than not, it’s just a way to get your e-mail address so they can spam you later on.

I have, however, been participating in one particular Mission: Impossible 3 contest. Yes, I know it stars Tom Cruise. We all know how weird that dude became the last couple of months but, the trailer for the movie does look damn good.

So what’s this contest? It involves an Internet scavenger hunt. You sign up for an account and every Monday, you’re given a new clue. Armed with this clue, you have to search the Internet looking for the Mission Impossible badge to click on. Once you find it, you’re time is clocked and points awarded. Points are awarded for speed, among other things. For our US readers, this can translate into prizes won.

It’s actually kinda fun and challenging to figure out where you’re supposed to point your browser based on the first clue. You can still sign up now. Time doesn’t start until the clue is revealed to you, so it’s possible for someone to do six missions all today and catch up to everyone else. You can give it a try here. It’s worth the sign-up!

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