I’m going to comment on a few different things here. The first is that this domain expires next Friday. I better renew it before I forget. Odds are that I’ll leave it for a few more days before I go to do that.

The Flying Swan Cafe is a pretty decent place for food. An extensive menu, coupled by reasonable prices makes it a good place for lunch. Where else can you get breakfast, burgers, Chinese food and much more?

In last two episodes of 24, they’ve killed off a lot of important characters. One guy I didn’t mind because he deserved it. The last guy at the end of Monday’s episode though was a decent character. He saved Jack’s life more than a few times. There aren’t that many more characters left to kill now.

And in the ever popular trend of self-diagnosing using the Internet, I’m pretty sure I have what’s called delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS). For as long as I can remember, my body has commanded me to stay up late and sleep in until early afternoon. I was not aware there was a disorder to describe it. Apparently you can treat it. The question is, do I want to? The only reason to is to conform to the rest of society. If I get my eight hours, I’m just as awake as anyone else. DSPS isn’t life threatening nor does it cause direct harm to me. Well, at least I know the name for it now. All this time, I’ve been calling it Harvey.

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