A few months ago at work, I was at a meeting when Dan, a co-worker of mine, sat down in front of me at the table. I noticed his fly was down. Before more people showed up, I leaned over the whispered to him that his barn door was open. He looked down and quickly zipped up. Dan thanked me for that.

Fast forward to tonight. I had just finished eating dinner and returned to my desk. Dan came over to discuss a few things. He had his head peeking over one of my cubicle walls. We were chatting when, I leaned back in my chair.

“Erwin, your fly is down.”

I looked down. So it was. There I was, airing out my crotchetal region. I zipped up and thanked Dan for noticing. We’re now even.

And in completely other news, I know he’ll love getting his name attached to a post associated with male crotches but congrats to my good buddy Tyson Brust. Tyson is now the owner of He joins the large group of individuals who have registered domains under the template of His e-mail account is already running. To prevent spam, I won’t list his address here but I’m pretty sure you can guess it. If you know Tyson, send him a quick hello!

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