Today was the first full day that I was in the new building that my company moved to. We were at Broadway and Arbutus. Now we’re just off of Fir near Granville Island.

I still have a window, though my window now faces a courtyard. Oh, the beloved bus stop view is no more. The building has a big problem with heat. Some areas are stifling hot while just ten feet away, people are freezing. I’m in the Arctic area. The lighting is kinda weird too. When it’s sunny, there’s almost too must natural light and there’s glare coming off my monitor. When the sun goes down though, there’s not enough artificial lighting for my taste. There’s some adjustments to be made for sure.

The building is much bigger than where we were before but I’ve heard some grumbling about some people lost some space. Everyone seemed to go to Granville Island for lunch today. Everyone also seemed to complain about how expensive lunch was. There’s no way you can get a decent and reasonably priced lunch on the Island. Everything there is relatively expensive. For more moderately priced fare, the key is staying off the Island and going to places along and off of W. 4th Ave. We’re going to try to walk to Connie’s tomorrow. Oh, I can already taste the won ton soup.

I’ll try to take some photos of the new place in the next couple of days.

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