This actually happened on Friday but I’ve only had time now to write about it. So let’s all get into the wayback machine and take us to the last day of work before the weekend. I’m easing into my workday with my first half hour. Surprisingly, I am actually productive as I smash away at my keyboard with my fingers.

I look away from my monitor over to the game designers’ area. Andrew is standing at Dave’s desk but his back is facing Dave. Dave himself is standing behind Andrew. Andrew has a very serious look on his face. I can hear him wheeze slightly from across the room. Dave starts talking.

“You’re seriously choking? You want me to give you the Heimlich manoeuvre?”

Andrew nods yes. He starts to wheeze louder now. I now realize this could get very serious very quickly.

Dave puts his hands on Andrew’s abdomen and pulls up firmly. A few people have started to gather around the area now. Andrew is still wheezing and he motions for another try. Dave gives him another pull. This does the trick. A huge chicken bone comes flying out of Andrew’s mouth. Actually, it wasn’t a chicken bone, it turned out to be a piece of granola.

With his windpipe clear, Andrew sits down to catch his breath. People check on him. I can hear him talk. He sounds like nothing happened at all. It’s all over in less than twenty seconds.

Fewer than ten people witness the incident. Later, when all the excitement dies down I go over to Dave’s desk. I tell him that I thought he did a great job and that he should be proud of himself. Dave quietly admits to me that he was uncomfortable during the incident. I tell him that most people would be uncomfortable as well but the important thing was that he got the job done.

The day finished as it normally would. When Andrew left, he wished us a good weekend and he thanked Dave for saving his life.

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