After spending less than an hour at a potluck dinner tonight, it took me an hour and a half to get home because I missed one of my buses by less than 20 seconds. The fun never stops when you’re me.

As I watched my bus sail off into the distance, I knew that I had half an hour to waste before the next shuttle to Tatooine. I wish there was a bar close by to W. Hastings and Hornby where I catch my bus. All I’m asking for is a small, less than busy watering hole where I can saunter up to the bartender, and order up a Shirley Temple. Twenty minutes is a perfect time to nurse a drink and before you know it, it’ll be time to ride off into the boonies again.

There was the Jolly Taxpayer pub on Hastings but it closed down at the end of December. My other options are the bars in the Waterfront and Pan Pacific hotels one street down from Hastings. They’re probably nice but perhaps pricey for a twenty minute drink.

That is all.

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