So this was unexpected, but I’ve started a little side business at work. Let me explain the situation. As I’ve mentioned before, we get groceries delivered to work every Tuesday. Among the many items we receive are cans of soft drinks, pop if you prefer. Regular Classic Coke is by far the favourite. It runs out sometimes by the end of the workday on Wednesday. Crazy. Some people refuse to drink the Canada Dry and Diet Coke that’s left. We have an IGA kitty-corner to our office but people are also too lazy to go outside and buy their own Coke.

Now remember that chocolate I was talking about three posts down? I’ve brought a few packages to work. My co-workers have seen the chocolate. Chocolate is not part of the groceries the company buys for us. I’ve opened a few packages of the Reese Peanut Butter Cups in the process of eating them and left them on my desk.

Because there are no other chocolate bars in the office, at least two co-workers have bought single Reese Peanut Butter Cups from me. They’ve given me $0.25 per cup which is great since they cost me about $0.18 a cup to purchase. It’s not a great profit but a decent and honest transaction.

Where I really make my money is with my own stash of Coke. One day when the Coke had run out, I decided to go to the IGA to get my own. I had done this several times before but this time I wondered why the hell was I just getting one serving of Coke each time. It made more sense to buy like 12 cans of Coke and just store them at my desk. I could just freeze one up when the company supply of Coke ran out.

I had intended to keep the stash for myself but soon people started noticing my large box of 12 cans of sugary goodness. I gave my first can away for free since I didn’t even think of selling it. The second guy though insisted on giving me a loonie for a can. It cost me about $0.50 a can so this was pretty good. A couple other people came by as well and I sold them cans too.

Today, Trent the Creative Director for the whole company, a bigwig in no uncertain terms, actually came by my cubicle. I’ve never talked to Trent since I’ve been with the company.

“I hear you’ve got the goods.”

“The first can is free.”

I tried to give him a free can but he wouldn’t have it. He gave me a loonie. That’s when it dawned on me this might be a good way to make spare change. Oh sure, the lean days would be Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but by the time Thursday rolls around, they’ll be begging for Coke and chocolate… that’s when The Sugar ManTM will hook you up.

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