I wish I could say that I’ve found a new place to live but that would be lying. No, I’m being moved at work. Since day one, I’ve been sitting the designers/scripters area. The rest of the software engineers are in the cubicles by the windows. There just wasn’t enough room for me there when I started.

Last week, they hired another scripter for the team. Our office so cramped because we’ve grown so fast, they can’t accomodate the new guy without moving me. I’m being moved into Karen’s old space. She left about two months ago to work at Microsoft.

The move will be bittersweet. All summer I complained about facing a wall when the other engineers had a window to the hot girls walking along W. Broadway. I also didn’t like how I had much less lighting being away from the windows. On the other hand, where my desk is right now isn’t too bad. Despite the open air concept, not a single person faces my desk directly, meaning no one can see me goof off out the corner of their eye. Also, I sit next to Dave which is a real treat. When he found out I was moving, he said he was sad and that he was going to miss me. He’s already decided the new guy won’t even be half as cool as I am… his words, not mine. I’ll miss Dave too. It’ll be tough to walk the 15 feet to visit Dave, but damn, I’m going to make the time.

One more thing, I’m actually going to be sharing a cubicle with another engineer, Greg. In a normal office, the cubicle would probably be for one person but since we’ve so tight on space, we’re cramming two in. When I stand up now, my desk chair can barely roll back 6 inches before it hits the wall.

Well, at least I have window now… after the summer has ended.

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