I want to upgrade my cell phone. I bet a lot of you don’t know I own a cell phone. I do but I rarely use it and I almost never bring it with me when I’m out. When I’m going somewhere alone I don’t feel that’s a time where I have to be talking on the phone with someone. If someone needs to contact me, they can leave a message on my landline. I’ll check my messages when I can. The number of people out there who actually require to be in constant communication with other people while they’re on the bus or on foot is quite low.

So yeah, I’m not a cell phone type of guy, but I like the convenience of having one for those twice a year times when I need one. Plus, it’s good for emergencies. While I don’t have a brick for a cell phone, mine is still relatively old. I’ve had my phone for five years now. In the cell phone universe, that’s a long time to have a phone. Yep, five years of cell phone goodness with my Nokia 5160. It’s so old, the phone runs on an analog cell network, while virtually every other cell phone now works on the digital ones.

I think it’s time to see what the modern world has to offer in terms of shiny new cell phones even though I doubt my usage will increase with a new model. The easiest way would be to upgrade to a new phone through my cell provider but that would require me to upgrade to a more expensive plan and pay lots of money for the phone. That doesn’t work for me.

Thanks to British Tom, I’m going a different route. I’m going to buy a new or used unlocked cell phone on Ebay. Unlocked means the phone can be used on any cell network and all I have to do is drop my SIM card in and away we go. It should be cheaper this way and plus, I get the fun of bidding on an item on Ebay.

I’ll keep you posted on the bidding progress.

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