So today, Dave and I decide to go to Connie’s for lunch. Dave sits next to me and for a guy that’s in the video game industry, it’s strange in that he rarely plays any games himself. Anyways, it’s just the two of us since after some unfortunate incidents, Connie’s reputation for providing a decent lunch has taken some hits. Undeterred, Dave and I make the hike up 4th Ave. for our meal.

Our lunch is actually quite good. I decide to go for the cashew chicken with rice. Along with won ton soup, it’s a great deal for $5.95. Along with the quick service, it’s more than an acceptable outing. When it’s time to pay, Dave decides to pickup the tab using his debit card. I overhear Connie herself ask Dave how much she should put on the total. Dave mentions something about taking care of the tip himself, so she puts only the cost of the meal on his debit card. Somehow, Dave thinks he’ll have a chance to add a tip on the keypad. Somehow, it doesn’t give him that option.

He returns to the table and asks me if I have any change. I have none and Dave proceeds to tell me what happened. “You idiot!” I say. Dave then says there’s nothing we can do and we’ll have to depart without leaving a tip. Since I’m really tired, I don’t argue with him but I’m still annoyed we’ve stiffed Connie a tip because of his misunderstanding.

On the street, I’m dismayed to think I’ve been labelled a poor customer. Dave says we’ll have to tip extra big the next time we’re there. I reply that we’ll have to mention that right away next time or else they’ll spit in our food. Dave said he felt really bad, but I bet I felt worse.

I’m going to get a glass of water now.

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