I really have nothing to write about tonight. Let’s see… um, we’re on a new e-mail system now at work. We switched over to Microsoft Exchange today. Yep, we did… yep… My name is in the company address book now. I right-clicked on my name and looked at the properties. Under the title field, it said, “Engineer”. It’s still very hard to believe that I’m now a software engineer. Remember that old commercial where they deliver the new software engineer his first stack of business cards? He gingerly takes one out, runs his fingers over the raised type, and then violently sniffs the card before putting it away. Well, I didn’t do that, but I can relate.

In other work related news, I’ve had lunch at Connie’s Cook House two days in a row now. I had the lemon chicken today. I doubt we’ll go again tomorrow, but you never know.

And that brings us to the end of tonight’s abbreviated post.

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