So apparently these long weekends are supposed to mean more when you’re a working stiff. I guess I can see that now. Then again, I’m guy that a had long weekend every single weekend last academic term.

While others had grand plans of partying, boozing, and/or camping for the weekend, my biggest goal was to sleep in. I still think I’m feeling the effects of OT week, or as I call it, “my second week on the job”. As the weekend draws to a close, I believe I got some rest, but certainly not as much as I could have.

The weekend started early for me, as in Thursday night, where I said goodbye to my friend Nenagh. She’ll be the best damn prof in Australia before you can even say “top chick”. We’ll all miss her. Thanks to Bryan and Sarah for hosting the event. You know, they never tell you at the beginning of grad school that you’ll have to say goodbye to all your friends eventually.

I tried my best to sleep in on Friday. I lounged around before playing some tennis in the afternoon. It was supposed to be a guys night out that evening, but Tyson and I wound up going on a “man-date” for dinner. It didn’t help that Tyson ordered hot tea for his drink. The waitress was kinda surprised. After our romantic dinner, we tried to see War of the Worlds, but the tickets were almost sold out and Bone had an early morning the next day. We left it for another day. I went home and watched TV shows I had downloaded earlier.

On Saturday, I slept in enough that I was late for brunch with friends at the Rugby Beach Club Grille. Their brunch is surprisingly good and no one wanted to kick us out of the restaurant after we were done eating. After dining, I headed downtown for some shopping. I was on the hunt for casual and tennis shoes. I am now convinced 98% of the athletic shoe market consists of basketball shoes. It was very difficult to find any tennis shoes. I am now leaning towards buying a pair of New Balance cross-trainers.

That evening I made the trek to Riverport with Tyson and Tom to finally see Mr. Katie Holmes and his movie. It was a really well made movie. It was technically flawless. The special effects were top-notch. The way they composited live action with CG elements was amazing. It was hard to tell where real life buildings and streets ended and the striders began.. whoops, I mean the tripods. Anyways, despite the excellent execution of the film making, the movie suffered from the same weakness as the original movie from the 50s… the ending. Now, for people who knew nothing of the original movie or the novel, I can easily see how the ending would have left them absolutely disappointed. Mr. Spielbergo has an easy way out of the jam now, because he can just say he was being faithful to the source material. Bit of trivia for you, the actor that played Cruise’s son was born in Nanaimo and once attended UBC as a commerce student.

I’m too tired to write about Sunday, but the highlight of the day by far was having dinner with Woba, Chiming, and Eddy. Those guys are a laugh a sec, thereby making the laugh frequency a stunning 1 Hz.

Tomorrow’s work day comes too soon. Until then my friends.

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