For people around my age, you no doubt know who Kirk Cameron is. He was the teen idol who starred in the ABC sitcom Growing Pains, along with Canadian treasure, Alan Thicke. Since the series ended, I haven’t heard much of Cameron. I did read that he became quite religious and was now a devoted Christian.

Recently, I discovered that Cameron has a web site called The Way of the Master. Though it sounds like a martial arts web site, it is in fact completely devoted to spreading Christianity. After the snazzy intro, Cameron asks you if you are a Christian or not. If you answer no, Cameron will go over the Ten Commandments with you. After the lesson, Cameron, in a not so subtle way, suggests that anyone who has sinned will be cast into Hell by God. He even provides you with links to descriptions of what Hell is like.

If you answer yes to being a Christian, then Cameron will give you a series of descriptions, which you are to pick which one is the closest match to your situation. If you are a Christian, Cameron seems quite serious about helping you save your friends and family from going to Hell. He’ll then try to sell you his Way of the Master Foundation Course, which is apparently some method of effectively spreading the word of God.

I don’t mind Cameron trying to spread his religion around, but he sure seems to use the Hell thing a lot. I understand the concept of Heaven and Hell is a part of Christianity, but to tell me almost immediately that I’m going to Hell is not a good way to get me to like his religion. He appears really focussed on that part. If I didn’t know better, he makes Christianity sound like avoiding Hell is the main goal.

Anyways, check it out yourself and try to avoid that Hell thing.

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