Doesn’t the kid above look like the real life Eric Cartman? Anyways…

I worked my second day of OT at work today. It feels a lot like my days at EA. Around 6:30pm someone came around to ask me what I wanted for dinner. Yesterday it was pizza. Today it was Indian food, butter chicken specifically. It’s nice of the company to spring for dinner if you have to work late. I can tell OT is somewhat a common occurence, they have a binder which is full of menus from local restaurants.

I’m not expecting to work OT next week. Things should be back to normal by then. Everyone is trying to meet a milestone next Monday. Because of all the extra time I’ve been putting in, I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to finish what I’m responsible for by Monday. The only question now is how polished it’ll be.

I’ve noticed that the office is divided into two distinctive areas. My team is on one side and the other teams are on the other. Sometimes, people cross the great divide to visit, but it rarely happens. I never visit because I don’t know anyone over there. It’ll be a while before I meet everyone in the company.

Though I’m trying to be frugal, I’m slowly exploring the lunch options around the office. So far, I’ve been to two Thai places, a cafe that serves lunch all day (I had the bacon hash today), Sushi Aoki, and Quiznos. There’s still lots of places left to try out. I’m mustering the courage to go eat at the Church’s Fried Chicken near the office.

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