I had the longest day on Friday. After working a full day, I rushed home to UBC around 7pm. The boys wanted to have some din-din and then go see Batman Begins. I went straight to SJC where we all piled into T-Bone’s car and made our way to Sushi Aoki for dinner. Had I known we were going there, I would have just stayed at work. Oh well.

After dinner, we had time to kill, so we headed over to Future Shop. Who did we run into? It was Bryan and Sarah. We invited them to join us for the movie. While Bryan was totally for it, it took Sarah some convincing, but she eventually agreed. At this point, we had to split the group up temporarily. S&B had to drop some stuff off at their place, so T-Bone, S&B, and myself went in the car. Joel and Adam graciously took the bus downtown ahead of us.

It all worked out in the end, as everyone re-assembled at the Paramount downtown. It was my first visit to the supposedly flagship Famous Players theatre for Vancouver. While it was nice, it did not overwhelm. The movie itself was much better. I would say it’s the best Batman movie of the bunch. Christian Bale did a fine job portraying the pointy-eared crusader.

On Saturday evening, I attended Kirsten and Tim’s birthday party. They are two friends of mine that I met in undergrad. Their marriage remains a model of what I can only hope for if and when I get married myself. Anyways, they rented out the back room of a Greek restaurant along W. Broadway. The food was really good. Kirsten and Tim know how to throw a party and were the consumate hosts. There were a lot of people from my undergrad days there. Some of these people I hadn’t seen in many years. Maybe it’s because I’ve changed since those times, but a few people really got on my nerves. Actually, maybe it was only one guy, but I tend to think my asshole detector is pretty spot on. Bub, if you’re reading this, I don’t see you as the chairman of the board of any Fortune 500 companies right now, so you can go choke on a pretzel and get brain damage.

Well, on that happy note, it’s getting late so I’m off to bed.

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