So this morning, I leave for the bus loop with plenty of time on my side. I’m so early in fact that I have time to speak to Sarah K when I run into her as she’s making her way to her work. When I arrive at the bus loop, I look at my watch. I have a good five minutes before my bus is scheduled to leave.

Strangely though, I see a #17 bus pull away from the curb and drive away. I’m thinking, that can’t be my bus. I know buses can be known for inaccurate timing, but come on, five minutes is a major chunk of time, especially when this is the originating point of departure.

As it takes off, I take a look at the schedule to see if maybe this was the earlier bus. Hmmm… that bus was supposed to take off seven minutes ago. I see no other #17 in sight. I get the feeling the idiot driver did indeed take off early.

I decide to walk over to the #4 stop to when it leaves. The #4 gets me close to my workplace, but I have walk a little further. As I’m examining the schedule, a #4 pulls up and people start to leave the bus. Among the passengers are these four hot sorority girls with their luggage. How do I know they were sorority girls? Because when they got off the bus, they asked someone if they knew where the sorority houses were. Well ok, they might have been just visiting or staying at the sorority houses, but the cliche makes my story more interesting.

I wound up taking the #4 and was only late by like two minutes.

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