UPDATE: Something about this new Blogger image upload has screwed up the fonts for my blog. I’m too tired to fix it. For now, endure the Times New Roman ugliness.

So I’m determined not to work any more OT for this milestone we’re on at work. I think I’ve worked hard enough to go home at the regular appointed time on Friday. That is, if none of the designers come up with last minute changes to the portion of the game I’m working on. I’ve been there less than two weeks and already my biggest complaint is people who think of something at the last moment to add. “Oh Erwin, can you make this change for me?” Yeah, I can, but what took you five seconds to think of will take me like an hour or more to code and I won’t even know if it’ll work.

Well, enough of the work rant. In other news, Canadians still have an unfavourable view of Americans. Big surprise. Next report: sky is blue.

In more obscure news, George Lucas will be the keynote speaker at this year’s SIGGRAPH conference. For all those going, I envy you… extra envy if your paper got accepted.

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