Despite all my research on-line, I’ve come to realization that I have no idea how to bus a monthly bus pass. Yeah, I know I can go to like London Drugs or Safeway to get one, but beyond that the details are a mystery to me.

I’ve heard that you have to buy a bus pass at the beginning of a month because you just can’t get a pass that’s valid for only 30 days. They’re valid from the 1st of the month on and if you buy it like 6 days into a month, that’s 6 days of transit you’ve wasted. Am I right people? Then again, I think I’ve also heard that you have a chance to buy a bus pass half way into the month, so you don’t have to wait the whole month before getting in on the deal. Does this make any sense?

Anyways, Jon Stewart is almost on. Please, if you know anything about this bus pass stuff, try to comment here (if it works).

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