From what I see on the server logs, there’s a fair amount of visitors who come to this site daily, looking for whatever string of words I’ve managed to bash out on the keyboard. Because of the frequency of visits from some readers, I do my best to post at least once a day. Though some of you out there have your own blogs, have you ever wondered how a post comes to be? Well, in this very special installment of I’ll take you on a never seen before behind the scenes tour!

After arriving at the glass and steel adorned headquarters of, I usually spend the first hour of my day reading my e-mail. I then spend an hour and a bit in a meeting with the various department heads of the site. We discuss possible post ideas and flesh out the more viable ones or ones that have caught my attention. I then leave the staff to firm up one or two ideas so that they’ll be in postable form by the afternoon. By then, it’s time for my daily fried chicken break…

Actually, that’s not how the process goes at all, but wouldn’t it be cool if it was like that? In reality, ideas for posts can come from anywhere and at anytime. Over the years, I’ve realized my posts can be more or less put into several categories. The first is the “life” post which is common among most bloggers. This is simply a post about what happened to the blog author that day or in between the last post and the current one. Usually, the event or events I describe I hope will be of some entertainment value to my readers. It could be humourous, but it could also be something which causes me to vent plasma frustration. For example, the first time Woba and I checked out a suspicious car is a “life” post. It is these types of posts that keep most of my readers up to date on my life, so much so that friends of mine who I haven’t spoke to in weeks will have no questions to ask me when we finally talk in person.

The second type of posts I have are what I called “set” posts. This type of entry have no reliance on current events nor do they necessarily have to involve me personally. Most often, I am presenting an opinion on something. These set pieces might have been drifting in the back of my mind for days, weeks, or even months. For whatever reason I’ll feel the need to solidify my ideas in the form of a post on my blog. These entries are rarer than the previous types of posts. An example would be when I confessed I was a noob at pumping my own gas.

The third type of post I have is something I call “what I had for lunch” posts. Though I literally post what I had for lunch sometimes in a short one or two sentence entry, this type of post has expanded in meaning over the years. Any short post that really has no substantial meaning falls under this category. Examples include a single picture with a caption, a short tirade about being tired and/or hungry, a link to a news story (usually involving wang flies), a link to a funny video, or a link to another web site. When all else fails, I rely on this type of post to inject at least something onto the blog for people to read. At least for me, my philosophy about blogs is that frequency of posting is a hair more important than quality.

Well, there you have it, a small peek at how we do things here at I hope you enjoyed it. I must take my leave of you now as I’ve arranged for the entire staff to see Revenge of the Sith later this afternoon. Bye!

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