At 11:59pm on Saturday night, my U-Pass will expire and I will have to join the unfortunate ranks of people who have to pay for transit each time they use it.

Of course, the year I graduate will be the first time that the U-Pass will be offered to students in the summer. Last year, we had to pay for transit during the summer months. This year, many of my friends still in grad school lined up this week to get their summer U-Pass.

If I really wanted to make the most use of my U-Pass tomorrow, I guess I could take the Skytrain way out to Surrey. That would mean, however, that I’d be out in Surrey. I think instead I’ll take the bus out to Safeway and buy some groceries. In the evening, I’ll use it again to go out for dinner. I wonder if I’ll be able to catch the bus home before midnight strikes and my U-Pass turns into a pumpkin. Maybe I’ll buy some bus tickets just in case.

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