I did indeed take the day off today. I woke up earlier that I had anticipated and could not fall back asleep. I hate when that happens.

Upon rising, I saw that it was another beautiful day on the west coast. After “breakfast” I headed downtown. I needed to buy a video game for research purposes (I swear that’s the real reason). I hadn’t been downtown in a while. The nice weather made shopping quite a pleasant experience. Thumbs up! I also had lunch downtown. For those keeping score, it was a Teen Burger.

After returning home, I took a most quick nap. It needed to be a short nap because I was going to toss the ball around with Adam at SJC. When I arrived at the courtyard, Carolyn was there. We all played a fine game of catch. Carolyn has a much improved arm now. Yay! She had to leave soon after I arrived to meet some friends at the pub. Adam and I were left to continue on our own.

One time after throwing the ball to Adam, I got distracted by some girls walking by SJC sidewalk. Adam, not knowing I was under a hypnotic spell, threw the ball at me. It hit me square in the left shoulder. Luckily, he had not thrown it hard and it surprisingly hit me in a place that didn’t hurt too much. Nevertheless, I went down like a ton of bricks. Adam rushed over and apologized profusely. Little did I know I would inadvertently give him some pain later.

After dusting myself off, we went to dinner which consisted of pasta. I had organic pasta for the first time. It was… interesting. After dinner, we went to Koerner’s to see Carolyn. It was a short-lived visit since it was time for hockey.

At hockey, I totally by accident slammed my stick into Adam’s shin. The ball was loose around us, we were both twirling around, I found the ball, and decided to whip it towards the net. Bam! Man, that must have hurt like sumabitch. Like way more than getting hit in the shoulder by a softball.

Ok, I need to drink some water now.

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