There is a strong possibility that I have the whooping cough. Based on the information I’ve gleaned from the Internet and from the newly discovered fact that a classmate of mine had the whooping cough just a few weeks ago, it is looking more and more like this is what I have.

The sometimes violent and body-shaking coughing episodes fit directly with the descriptions of the illness I have read. The odd thing is, I know for a fact I was immunized for whooping cough when I was a child. It is unclear if I had a booster since then. I guess the point is moot now.

Whooping cough is supposed to very contagious for two weeks from the onset of the cough. I’ve blown by the two week period sometime last week, so I suppose that’s one hurdle that I’ve crossed. Nonetheless, I’ve decided not to go to an Easter dinner I was invited to on Monday night. Just another social event added to a long list of social events I’ve missed in the last while.

I’ll be into my third week of coughing in a day or two. Recovery apparently starts anywhere from the fourth to sixth week. So, I’m either really close or just half way. The recovery process can be slow with symptoms gradually going away over a period of possibly months for young children.

Whooping cough is most dangerous for infants and elderly people, where most of the fatalities from the illness occur. Boy, it sure feels good to know I have something that will be guaranteed to kill people this year.

Had I caught this early and I’m not really sure how I could have, taking antibiotics apparently shortens the recovery significantly. Since whooping cough initially starts out like a common cold, I doubt most people can take advantage of this. Antibiotics are still recommended even beyond onset of symptoms to ensure that I cannot spread this to other people. Tomorrow, I am going to the medical clinic in the Village to a get prescription for the antibiotics.

I have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better.

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